Art Imagined photography by Steven Weisz

Photographic Services Offered

"A single frame can change the mind of millions" - Photographers Without Borders

Steven Weisz is available for hire for the following photographic services:

Dance & The Arts
Covering live performance as well as promotional photographs for dance and the performing arts. Perfect for archival purposes, social media and publicity.

Event Photography
A mixture of photojournalistic documentary work and portraiture. Perfect for publicity or archival purposes.

Fine Art Photography
Fine art images are about capturing emotional responses and communicating with an audience. Subject matter can range from landscapes to portraiture to social causes. Ideal for framing for home and office environments.

Travel Photography
A focus on the people and the lifestyles present in a place, while also capturing the landscapes and the natural world in which it’s located. It is about telling a story.

Vacation Photography
When planning your vacation, it’s worth considering the idea of bringing a professional photographer along. I can capture stunning and high-quality images that truly showcase the beauty and experiences of your trip. Having a professional photographer by your side ensures that you can relax and enjoy the moment while I handle all the photography details.

Photo Journalism
Helping newspapers, magazines, and online publications to tell their stories. Documenting the events as they unfold, candidly and as unobtrusively as possible.

Photography for Social Change
Using photography to bring about social change or raising awareness. It is visual storytelling in order to make positive and impactful change. Causes of particular interest: racial injustice, climate change, indigenous cultures, gender equality, education, preservation of the arts.