Art Imagined photography by Steven Weisz

Metal & Kind

These two UMA instructors, Lily Kind and Mark Wong, bring together their diverse dance backgrounds to create a captivating blend of new solo work. Their multidisciplinary performance
incorporates elements of social and folk dance, as well as dance theater, experimental storytelling, stand-up comedy, improvisation, hip hop, break dance, and even a miniature skateboard.
Their aim is to cater to those who may secretly find new solo work underwhelming, presenting a fresh take that combines analytic optimism.

Within this whirlwind of sensory experiences, their production titled “Metal” surprisingly exudes a gentle quality, while Lily Kind fearlessly expresses her thoughts with honesty. Their choice of names reflects an
interesting contrast, with a lily symbolizing a delicate flower and metal representing something indestructible. However, when they take the stage together, their chemistry goes beyond playfulness, showcasing
their mastery, authenticity, and raw talent that captivates the audience right from the beginning.

Mark Wong & Lily Kind
Performing in the 2018 Philadelphia Fringe Festival
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